Service Overview

Shalem fireplace Barrier Services area unit approved with all leading makers

Fire stopping and penetration protection is that the tactic of preserving the fireside resisting performance of walls, floors and roofs where voids exist or services area unit place in.


Fire Stopping is important to the stability and integrity of a building or structure simply just in case of hearth. A building is separated into manageable areas of risk (Fire Compartments) by the employment of passive fireside protection measures that have tested fireside performance properties. This fireside stopping measures area unit designed to restrain the growth and unfold of hearth, allowing the building occupants time to escape safely. It’s overriding that any gaps in these fireside resisting constructions area unit sealed to substantiate the system works to its most ability. Such gaps area unit typically at service penetrations through walls and floors.


This fire protection for penetrations passing through floors, walls, ductwork etc., can offer to four hours fireside resistance.


Modern buildings unit packed with services, cables and wires. Where these services penetrate fireside resisting components of the building there remains a weakness inside the fireplace protection for that building. These penetrations ought to therefore be properly sealed therefore on maintain the buildings fireside resistance levels.


There unit many factors to need into thought once finding the proper resolution to protection service penetrations. Every service passing through fireside resisting building components reacts otherwise once there is a hearth. There is therefore no single resolution or products which will be accustomed effectively defend all service penetrations.


Important criteria to need into thought once decisive the proper resolution are: the fireplace resistance quantity required


Is the penetration throughout a wall, floor or a linear gap E.g. Pipes throughout a floor will not primarily behave inside constant manner as those throughout a in shut the event fireside therefore utterly totally different fire stopping solutions may even be required.

Is movement required for vibration or thermal expansion. On high of these factors the dimensions of the gap, the actual penetration service in question, flexibility of the seal, the shut conditions, the look life and whether or not or not it’s to be smoke or gas tight even ought to be taken into thought.


Fire Barrier Services use their expertise to produce the proper resolution for the service penetration in question guaranteeing your fireside stopping wishes unit met.