Service Overview

We have been within the field of surface preparation and industrial painting work for quite ten years. We tend to are one in all the leading Contractors engaged in execution of Surface preparation & Industrial/Decorative Painting. Presently we tend to are death penalty maintenance work (surface preparation and supply, application of business painting) at station of JSW Energy state to call some. We tend to are death penalty sub-contracts through Fabricators at numerous locations across India. Elaborated list of purchasers is offered in purchasers section for poring over.

We maintain an avid manpower specializing within the field with advance tools and machineries like compressors, close spraying equipments, internal coating instrumentality, gas tools and safety equipments. We tend to make sure that all Statutory Compliance are strictly adhered to confirm safe and simply setting at work website.

We are one in all the leading Contractors engaged in execution of Surface preparation & Industrial Painting with hands-on expertise of over ten years.

We additionally give practice services to fabricators for painting contracts from tender quoting level in terms of project coming up with, cost accounting and formulation of painting system.

We are death penalty work of surface preparation and supply/application of business painting in numerous locations across India. Our expertise ranges from Thermal /Nuclear Power Plants, advanced Industrial Production Units, Ports and Shipping, Infrastructure comes and then on.

Our numerous services include:

a. System Erection

b. Surface Preparation via

• Rust Blasting

• Air mass Water Blasting

• Manual cleansing by grinding, breakage and wire-brush scrapping

c. Application of business grade and ornamental paints

• Via close Machine application

• Manual Brush and Rollers

Our experience lies over all the classes whether or not it’s exterior or interior of Structure, Storage Tanks, Chimneys, Machinery etc;

We additionally specialise in blast cleansing and coating of Interior and Exterior of pipes starting from eight in. Diameter forward.